Which standing planter to display your greenery in style?

It’s been a while since the planter is gaining height. On the balcony as in the living room, it seduces with its chic and aesthetic design. Designed in wood or metal, colored or natural, this high perched support is perfect for displaying your hanging plants and not only… Admittedly, it is less classic than the traditional flower pot, but has many significant advantages. In fact, the standing planter promises to become your new decorative object in 2022.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, the standing planter promises to grow and maintain your plants in style and without breaking your back. Two essential points when taking care of our greenery. Generally perched on four feet and sometimes equipped with a lid and a water reserve, the tall planter can easily be used in all rooms of the house, from the living room to the balcony, including the bedroom and the kitchen. Plus, as you’ve probably figured out, he’s got more than one thing going for him!

Why choose a standing planter? All its advantages

Certainly, one of the major advantages of the standing planter is none other than its size. So, after repotting your geraniums, there’s no need to stoop or stoop with it. Same thing when you water your plants. Moreover, this design support allows you to flood the surroundings less than with a classic container at ground level. If you suffer from back pain , it is better to choose this type of planter. It will easily find its place on the wooden terrace as in your exotic garden.

Unlike the classic planter, the model on feet is freestanding and does not care about the railing. So you can install it where you want and move it if you feel like it. It is also perfect for avoiding pests: snails, slugs, etc. A tall planter also makes it easier to spot the presence of green caterpillars . The same goes for illnesses. Not to mention that herbs and vegetables grown in a vegetable garden are safer from pets!

It is generally recommended for limited areas that lack greenery. However, the planter on foot invites itself everywhere. It can even play the role of a plant partition in order to delimit a space or protect it from vis-à-vis. All you have to do is plant the right varieties and line up several different models to decorate your outdoor corner and hide yourself from the prying eyes of the neighborhood. Who says better ?

Last but not least, the tall planter provides excellent drainage. Unlike the classic pot, the standing model allows water to drain more quickly, which prevents stagnation and therefore certain diseases due to excess humidity.

Which model of tall planter should you choose for the summer season?

Do you have a small long balcony ? So prefer a model that is around 60 cm wide and 20 cm deep. As for large spaces, opt for tall planters that are around 80 cm wide and 30 cm deep. In addition to the dimensions, the look of this much sought-after garden accessory is also to be considered. Because just like the classic planter, the high planter is available in many varied and trendy materials such as raw wood, colored metal, terrazzo, concrete, brass, steel and plastic. Some raised models are even equipped with a shelf between the two legs to store a watering can, gloves and a dibble. So, which one to choose to enhance your interior?

Inexpensive polypropylene model at Gifi, in metal for a chic vegetable garden at Jysk, on a zinc stand for industrial decor at Botanic, etc. Interior and exterior decoration brands offer an endless number of affordable and stylish models. Note that in the living room, the high planters signed Ikea take on the air of a pedestal to display your most beautiful plantations. La Toile even offers DIY ideas for making your own unique raised bed. In short, all interiors and all budgets will find their account!