Which indoor hanging plant to choose for your home? 5 possibilities + our useful tips

In the field of interior decoration, it is the hanging plants that are on the rise! Do like me by choosing an indoor hanging plant. In addition, its vegetation will give a real touch of charm to your living room or the room of your choice. Take advantage of their long leaves and creepers which will provide a beautiful natural spirit to your home. Discover our top 5 hanging plants and some pot ideas to accommodate them. It’s this way !

Which indoor hanging plant should you choose to give life to your decor?

Do you love having green plants in your home? Here is our short-list of hanging houseplants that should please you! Thus, you can give height to the space at home and radically change its decor. Enjoy!

The Pothos

Originally from Southeast Asia, Pothos is a vine with aerial roots. If in nature, the latter cling to trees, it proves to be the ideal plant to give a beautiful jungle spirit to your trendy interior. In addition, to spoil nothing, its exotic foliage and lush color are very easy to maintain! Have fun!

The Rhipsalis

First, do you know that Rhipsalis is a spineless cactus? If so, it exists! With its long wicking stems, this plant offers a very surprising vegetal headdress. Finally, there is no doubt that with it your interior will be talked about! Let go to revamp your interior!

Chlorophytum as an indoor hanging plant

The Chlorophytum and its two-tone foliage has made its mark in the field of interior decoration, because it is one of the easiest plants to maintain! To top it off, its slender leaves and small white flowers are really popular. Finally, let’s finish with its greatest asset: its ability to clean up our interior.

The Codonanthus

The Codonanthe is native to the tropical forests of South America. This rather rare plant is characterized first by a cascade of slender stems. Then, during the flowering period, it will offer you sublime white tubular flowers with a garnet heart. It now remains to find her to enjoy her sublime romantic beauty. We trust you!

Ceropegia woodii

It’s hard to escape it, it’s THE most fashionable hanging plant in 2022. Why will you tell us? For its heart-shaped leaves which have earned it the name chain of hearts. Finally, suspended on a shelf or in a macrame, impossible to resist its charm. What are you waiting for to get up to speed? The florists have everything you need in store!

Which pot for a hanging plant?

If a flower pot’s main function is to contain soil and a plant, it must do a little more. Indeed, it also has the function of protecting the plant from aggression and of being resistant to last for many years. In addition, the pot must be simple to handle and maintain while being aesthetic. There remains the question of size. It is partly the size of your flower pots that will depend on the growth and volume of plants that you can plant there. Know that the smaller your pot, the less the plant will be able to grow. This is because it will suffer more quickly from the drying out of the substrate, temperature variations and lack of nutrients.

If for small potted perennials , bulbs and annuals, pots 12 to 30 cm deep will be sufficient, you will have to think big for climbing or hanging plants. Prefer for them pots of 50 cm in all directions are more suitable. To sum up, we advise you, from the first repotting of your indoor plant , to plan a pot one third larger than the original one. For a climbing rose, for example, opt for a container 50 to 80 cm deep and 30 to 40 cm wide. And this without any pretension.

Which material should you choose for your indoor hanging plant?

First, as the first popular option: a fiberglass pot. The latter is a fairly natural material both in its composition and in its appearance. It is visually similar to terracotta pots or concrete to which it is a good alternative. Earth fiber is made of a mixture of cement, magnesium and fiber fabric. Its advantages are many:

  • Its lightness
  • Its resistance to shocks, corrosion, heat or even frost
  • Its timeless appearance thanks to its neutrality in the colors
  • Its modernity in the forms

Then, our second choice is a recycled plastic pot. Indeed, flower pots made of recycled plastic have a certain interest in terms of environmental protection. In addition, they retain the same advantages as conventional plastic. To know :

  • solidity
  • lightness
  • ease of maintenance

A good choice of container for a top indoor plant, right?