Where to place an orchid so that it blooms? Which exhibition and which room of the house to choose?

Any houseplant lover knows that caring for an orchid properly is an art in itself. On the one hand, there are strict rules regarding its maintenance, including exposure, watering, repotting, etc. On the other hand, it seems that this exotic flower has its own particular spirit and thrives or dies, as if on a whim, no matter how much time and care we devote to it… So what can you do to keep your Phalaenopsis healthy? Where to place an orchid to make it bloom? Which room in the house do you prefer as a location and why? Here are the answers below.

Where to place an orchid so that it blooms?

Did you know that lack of enough light is the most common cause of orchids not flowering? So, wondering where to place an orchid in order to make it bloom again only makes sense. As you’ve no doubt already learned, orchids like warmth and bright, but indirect, natural light. Excessive direct sun will scorch their leaves, while too little light will not be enough to keep them alive.

Good and bad exhibitions

Therefore, a southern exposure would usually be excessively sunny and a northerly one too shady for the orchid to flower. So a location near an east or west facing window is considered ideal. Under certain conditions, placing the flower on the windowsill is also acceptable. In addition, Phalaenopsis appreciate high humidity, which means that the use of a dehumidifier in the same room is not recommended. But controlling where to place an orchid is more complex than that…

In which room of the house should you display your Phalaenopsis?

For various reasons, the different rooms of the house are more or less adapted to receive our orchids. And considering that they are not houseplants for dummies , we must take advantage of all the information available to maintain them in top shape, right? Here are some interesting observations dealing with where to place an orchid in the living room, adult bedroom and bathroom, in case it is at all a good idea.

Where to place an orchid in the living room?

Most people prefer to show off their finest indoor plants in the “social” areas of their homes. Unsurprisingly, the place where you welcome your guests is the living room and it’s perfect for your pretty orchid to receive the attention it deserves. Even better, the living room is usually one of the brightest rooms in the house!

So, if the living room faces east or west, placing an orchid on the inside windowsill is fine. In south-facing living rooms, prefer a piece of furniture or a pot holder located near the window. Given that our flowers need full bright indirect light to survive, rooms with northern exposure are to be avoided, especially in autumn and winter.

Can we keep flowers in the room?

Regardless of the room, the most important factor to consider when deciding where to place an orchid is the presence of sufficient light. Bedrooms are normally darker than the living room, although this is not always the case. Either way, there are plenty of dark room plants that can thrive there. For orchids, once again, we avoid the full north, we take advantage of the south with caution and we prefer the east or the west.

Apart from light, when choosing where to place an orchid, one must take into consideration drafts and temperature. Many people like to close the bedroom door at night, and that’s completely normal. If this is your case, make sure there is good air circulation in the room at least during the day. Otherwise, orchids are prone to rot.

Then, when it comes to temperature, avoid extremes. If it’s too hot in the room, your orchid can quickly dehydrate, get sick and wilt. If it is too cold, your Phalaenopsis will go into lethargy and making it bloom again will not be possible. The right range is between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius for both sleep and the well-being of your orchids, so if you like to sleep in the coolest or the warmest, choose another location for your flowers.

Orchids in the bathroom: yes or no?

A flowering plant is a stylish addition to any room that lacks personality and the bathroom is notorious for this. But is placing an orchid there actually a good idea? Well, the short answer is pretty much no. Although the high humidity in this room is extremely beneficial for the Phalaenopsis, it is not constant. In addition, an orchid in the bathroom will be exposed to significant fluctuations in temperature. Finally, the bathrooms are rarely well lit. Combined with high humidity levels, poor air circulation and potential exposure to chemicals, we have a recipe for disaster.