What to do with tree stumps? 12 creative ideas to transform useless wood into decorative objects

Maybe you’ve had dead wood at the bottom of your garden for years that you’re trying to ignore? Or has a storm left you with a tree stump or two that you don’t know what to do with? But with a little know-how and creativity, there are plenty of ways to transform them. Whether creating a unique focal point or pulling them off the ground to make fabulous pieces of furniture or fun springboards for the kids, you’ll find they’re the perfect addition to your interior or landscape design. Read on to find out more!

Awesome Uses of Tree Stumps for Indoors and Outdoors

When life gives you a piece of wood, use it! Sometimes it is necessary to completely remove the tree stump , but if it does not bother you, it makes a nice addition to the garden. You just need to make the best of his situation. Here are some ideas!

How to turn a tree stump into a fairy house planter?

One of the easiest things to do with a tree stump is to turn it into a unique wooden planter for all your favorite flowers and foliage. You just have to hollow out the center of the wood with an ax or pickaxe (carefully, of course). Fill the bottom of the hole with grit or handfuls of gravel to improve drainage (you can also drill a hole or two lower in the trunk), then add potting soil before planting. Not only will the result be beautiful, but the plants will benefit from the nutrients of the strain, which naturally breaks down in the soil. Now is the time to take a look at our guide to planting bulbs in the fall for tips.

The garden can be a real place of wonder and imagination for children. So if you’re looking to entertain your kids in the great outdoors, why not turn a humble tree stump into a magical fairy castle ? With pebbled walkways and a roof made of succulents, you’ll be mesmerizing them in no time.

Decorative garden with tree stumps: Springboards

Who knew tree stumps could be so cute? We love this idea of ​​painting the tops of small tree trunks to recreate stepping stones. Arranged in a wavy walkway, they provide a lovely game of hopscotch for little ones, while adding an extra dose of magic to the garden.

Designer furniture made from tree stumps

Why not reuse a tree stump and bring it inside? This unique table was created from the wonderful material that is natural wood. This often offers a perfect finish, without the need to use oil or varnish. It has beautiful regular circles, as well as small open pores that enhance its personality.

In addition, tree stumps can also be given a chic makeover and transformed into outdoor furniture . Grouped in a group of three, they make a stylish table centerpiece to surround with outdoor seating and adorn with lanterns.

How to highlight a tree stump? Make it a beautiful sculpture

As this example shows, a tree stump can become a dramatic focal point for your garden. We do not recommend trying to recreate such a sculpture yourself unless you are an experienced chainsaw user. This will result in a one-of-a-kind piece that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

If you haven’t cut down your old tree yet (which needs to be removed, of course), consider what height of stump would be best for setting up a rustic birdhouse . If all goes well, the tree stump will gradually decay over many years, providing important food and habitat for the feathery creatures.


It can be said that tree stumps are left there for children to enjoy. If you feel that you cannot use the wood for landscaping , you can turn it into an adventure zone in the garden. You can make a slide out of it by attaching reclaimed wood slats around the top. You can also incorporate a kind of climbing wall on the side.

Christmas tree stand

Did you know that a tree stump can serve as the base for a Christmas tree ? Although not the height of a standard tree, it can still evoke the same warm holiday glow. It’s versatile for any type of home style if it’s topped with all the Christmas decorations it must have. Here’s what it will look like!