What to do with a washing machine drum? 7 great ideas for reusing that metal piece

Reuse, remodeling, regeneration…. Whatever name you give it, the concept of turning an old or broken object into something new and often completely different is becoming increasingly popular as we become more environmentally and financially conscious. If a device is defective or already dead, I recommend that you do not throw it away. Recycling is often the best solution, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use some of these appliances for other purposes, at least to pay tribute to the years of their service? In this context, today I present to you some DIY projects with a washing machine drum.

Washing machines save time and we are truly grateful for the comfort they bring us. That’s why, we are really desperate when our washing machine is broken and its repair is far too expensive. However, washing machine drums can be repurposed to make useful items for the home or garden. If you have one lying around and you have no idea how you can recycle it, I could give you some valuable ideas.


Two Lebanese eco-designers have used old washing machine drums to make intricately decorated seats with plenty of storage space. This is a good thing, because Lebanon produces 4,000 tons of waste per day, of which only 10% is recycled. Additionally, 40% of all waste produced is sent to more than 700 illegal and hazardous landfills across the small country.

Who knew you could turn your old washing machine into a DIY side table ? Just add a sturdy platform to the drum and you can put a reading lamp and your favorite books within easy reach.

outdoor fireplace

This is a creative idea for the garden! Create a fire pit by surrounding a dryer drum with a stone wall and filling it with firewood. The air coming in through the holes will keep the fire going while you warm your hands or grill sausages. Or for summer garden parties, fill your drum with ice cubes to create an ice bucket for drinks. When the ice melts, the holes in the walls of the drum let the water flow into the grass.


Another smart idea to upcycle your old washing machine is to turn it into DIY flowerpots . Use the drum to hold plants that you can place in a corner of your garden as a centerpiece.

dog house

Don’t want to spend a lot on your dog’s house ? How about turning your old washing machine into a niche for your best friend? Just make sure that it is properly ventilated and that the animal can enter it.

Another great idea to consider when repurposing your old washing machine is to turn it into a light fixture. Just mount the drum on the ceiling with a powerful light, and you’ll have an eye-catching lamp in no time.

You might be surprised to learn that these colorful lamps by Finnish designer Willem Heeffer are made from washing machine drums. The design is based on three principles: recycled and locally sourced materials, handmade products and the reinvention of an object totally disconnected from its past. The end result is anything but waste.


In fact, you can even incorporate washing machine drums into your home’s equipment. This sink designed by Rob Collyer shows that stainless steel drums can add a modern and elegant touch to an interior and more specifically, to a bathroom.

How to turn a washing machine drum into a decorative sink?

This DIY sink is another example of creativity, functionality and beauty. And what’s great is that it’s also simple, which makes it easy to make! The design not only provides a good fire, you can also conveniently use it to cook or reheat foil-wrapped foods like vegetables and meats. Just put your meal in the metal bucket, lower it and raise it when it’s ready! If you want to boil water, you can replace the bucket with a camping kettle.