What outdoor fall 2022 decoration for a cozy and welcoming outdoor space?

When the weather cools, decoration trends warm up our interiors, but also our exteriors. And to welcome the new season, what could be better than feeling good in your garden or on your terrace? Here are 20+ outdoor fall 2022 decoration ideas to sting for a cozy and welcoming decor!

A season a bit between the two with many advantages. Basically, a period that deserves to be properly welcomed! That’s why the editorial staff of Deavita.fr has taken the liberty of selecting a few good ideas for a successful outdoor fall decoration in 2022. Pumpkins, pine cones, bouquets of dried flowers, raffia, wood, shades of orange or pastel… here’s how prepare your garden, balcony or terrace for the new season!

Prefer seasonal plants

To decorate your garden, balcony or terrace in autumn, there’s nothing like a few seasonal plants. Then bet on perennials. Easy to grow and long-flowering, they take on magnificent shimmering colors, both with the flowers and the foliage. They thus bring texture and graphics to beds, borders, pots, containers or planters. Ornamental cabbage and seasonal fruits are also welcome to enhance the outdoor space.

Choose wood for outdoor fall decoration 2022

Once the greenery and furniture have been chosen, warm up your balcony even more by cladding its walls. Do you have leftovers, wooden pallets or roof battens? Take the opportunity to reinvent outdoor fall decoration in 2022! On the terrace, an old mottled sideboard will do just fine. Its drawers can accommodate plants, throws and all kinds of seasonal decorations (DIY pumpkins, dead leaves, candles, candle holders, pine cones, seasonal fruits, etc.) In short, it’s all about staging! Mix pots of different sizes, pretty wooden furniture and several sources of lighting (lamps, garlands, candle holders). Woven baskets are also very suitable for creating a cozy autumn balcony .

Opt for dim lighting in the garden

When the evenings start to get longer, you need to rethink the lighting in your outdoor space. It should be soft and comforting. Multiply the sources of lighting by favoring low-power, energy-saving lamps. And for a truly autumnal atmosphere in the garden, bet on light garlands, DIY candle holders and candles. Do not hesitate to put some on the outdoor table, in a large glass jar for example, or on the branches of a tree. Chosen in colour, the outdoor garlands are perfect for breathing an air of fantasy into the garden furniture. They will make you appreciate the time spent outdoors. Moreover, some models are resolutely economical. They turn off during the day to recharge and turn on after dark.

Do not skimp on the outdoor fireplace decor

In autumn, when the days and evenings become cool, being able to warm up on the balcony is essential. So, if your outdoor space wants to be equipped with a brazier or a fireplace, don’t skimp on its decoration! Seasonal flowers, ornamental cabbages, emptied pumpkins, woven round baskets, garlands of dead flowers, etc.

Cover outdoor furniture with cozy throw

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small, narrow balcony or a large wooden terrace , throws and cushions are the perfect decoration to invite autumn into your home. In faux sheepskin or XL knit, the plaid is an essential accessory on cold days. In fact, all groundhogs will tell you, successful hibernation is well thought out hibernation. The little cocooning corner on your autumnal balcony becomes a refuge of soft materials that invite you to slip in quickly. So opt for nice fluffy blankets, take care of the lighting and you’re done!

Pumpkins in accumulation

In autumn, nature changes completely by adorning itself with pretty colors. Your balcony can also get into the fall mood with some DIY decorations. Sparkling bottles to put on the windowsill, a pretty autumn wreath as a centerpiece, DIY candle holders decorated with dead leaves or a pumpkin transformed into bucolic flower pots, DIY ideas to turn your veranda into a fall fashion are well several. Just go to our photo gallery.