What is THE decorative misstep to avoid at all costs in 2022 according to interior designers?

In decoration, two schools clash: the stylish people, still called “snobs”, and the guarantors of “everyone does what he pleases”. No matter which group you fall into, both accentuate an important point when it comes to interior design : decorative faux pas. Obviously, these have nothing to do with your taste. They are therefore not limited to choices of outdated accessories. These errors relate rather to the small shells that we all tend to commit inadvertently. Too many colors in the same room, too big furniture in a small apartment, bad combination of patterns or styles… However, there is a mistake that could ruin everything, regardless of the size, style or type of room. Here is the one according to our experts!

With them, it’s always welcoming and impeccable. At home… not so much! So what’s wrong with your interior? Why is it gray? In 2022, it is important to start off on the right foot when it comes to decoration and interior design. But when we talk about the latter, we immediately think of furniture, materials, colors and objects. However, there is another detail to take care of to transform your interior: trendy lighting . In fact, this is the most important parameter when redesigning a room. Neglecting the light in your home is therefore considered to be the decorative faux pas of 2022 to be avoided at all costs. Deavita.fr takes stock!

The importance of interior lighting in different rooms

In decoration, the question of light is a burden. Too much brightness or not enough, finding the right balance can be a real challenge. Gaining light in a dark room without a window requires a few decorative tips, including choosing the colors of the walls, furniture and curtains.

However, natural or artificial light contributes greatly to the atmosphere of the interior space, say interior designers. That said, it is very important to choose your lighting according to the room. A ceiling light and a few nice accent lights seem like safe bets in a dark room. To properly illuminate the house, you have to tame each room in order to learn how to structure the space according to the light, the layout, the furniture, its decoration and its function.

In a living room, for example, white light is preferred for a very modern atmosphere. On the other hand, in the bedroom, we opt for warmer lighting in orange tones. However, in the bathroom and kitchen, the task becomes more complicated. Despite the traditional suspensions, it is necessary to add additional light sources to illuminate the vanity unit or the worktop . In short, it is better to have too much light than not enough!

Our tips for properly lighting your home

Certainly, we do not realize how bad lighting can reduce (by optical effect) the size of a room, while devaluing its style. When properly fitted, the appearance of the room changes instantly! In this context, artificial light will have a different effect than natural light on the walls. So, if your room doesn’t have enough windows, there are a few tricks to consider to light it up. For example, ceiling lights are perfect for enhancing the dining area, while floor lamps will easily find their place in the living room. In the bedroom, the sconces installed next to the bed bring a chic and dignified look to the most beautiful hotel rooms!

Lighting trends 2022 to choose yours

No surprise – the predilection for natural and sustainable materials will continue in 2022 which will have a direct influence on the trendy luminaires of the coming year. Given that the use of certain materials has already become firmly established in the sector (these include: wood, glass, bamboo, fabric, leather, paper and even seagrass), the next season will also impose as a reference the use of twine, rope, burlap and wooden beads. Can you imagine chandeliers made of pearls and decorated with cord and stone pendants? !

Natural materials are not the only way to embody sustainability and nature in lighting trends. The fixtures will take on organic and blurry shapes and they will be accessorized with elements advocating the delicacy of nature, such as graceful leaf-shaped details, glass tassels resembling water drops, etc. So, in order to adopt the 2022 lighting trend inspired by nature, here are the aspects to consider:

  • Natural materials: bamboo, rattan, wood, burlap , rope;
  • Neutral or natural shades such as earthy brown, ocean blue, sand yellow, forest green;
  • Organic shapes reminiscent of twigs, flowers or other plants.

A few more decoration missteps to forget in 2022

As a general rule, the decorative faux pas is the equivalent of the  fashion faux pas ! However, choosing the right color, the right furniture or the right object, and marrying it all in the same room is not an easy task. If there is a basic rule to respect in interior decoration, it is this one: avoid marrying more than two different colors in the same room. For a harmonious interior where life will be good on a daily basis, only one color/pattern is suitable. In fashion as in decoration, this rule dominates. Too many colors or patterns in the same room, it stings the eyes and overloads the decor. Ditto for the accumulation of furniture in a limited space.

In decoration, the story of proportion is essential. It is out of the question to combine a large coffee table with a small sofa, or to install a huge wardrobe in a small bedroom . Finally, the floor, like the walls, strongly impacts the appearance of a room. So, when you are revamping your living room or your kitchen, it is advisable to redo it at the same time. In other words, we avoid associating new walls with an old-fashioned floor.