Ideas for a very easy fall kindergarten manual activity that will add a touch of decoration to the home

DIY is not only an animation proving skill that you exercise in your spare time, but also a form of brain work that ends in brilliant and original works. Like, for example, an autumn manual activity that can bring out the talents of your offspring. On the one hand, to combine them in sensible and useful occupations and on the other hand, to encourage them to create and produce. If you succeed in making your child aware of DIY, you too can benefit from it and feel the perhaps forgotten emotion of back to school. Are you lacking inspiration? We have chosen for you some beautiful ideas that are easy to achieve.

Where to find material for a fall kindergarten manual activity?

Although holidays by the sea are already in the past, we are sure that before departure your children have hidden a handful of seashells in their luggage. The little “treasures” could be involved in wonderful decoration ideas  with which the children would participate in school competitions and exhibitions. Painted in focal colors, seashells can give a DIY fall tree the warm look to win the sympathy of the teacher and the respect of classmates. A kindergarten autumn manual activity can awaken and bring out unsuspected know-how.

Perhaps you explored the forest during the stay in a mountain chalet. Green and fragrant pine cones, dry and jagged; “needles” from conifers, acorns that wild boars couldn’t find with their snouts, bird feathers and any other finds to include in a fall nursery manual activity.

We are in a period of transition of the seasons: what could be better! The green is not gone and yellow and orange are popping up here and there in the garden and in the park.

How to celebrate the arrival of autumn with an incredible children’s autumn craft?

A wonderful way to use the seashells collected this summer and win friends: make cutouts of characters out of paper or cardboard, and glue seashells to them for their clothes: beautiful skirts, pretty hats, wallets or shoes.

Create a whole collection of small animals with shells to “tell” your summer adventures and encounters: a turtle, a ladybird, the “golden fish”, a little bear cub seen in the zoo.

Children will also love coloring for back  to kindergarten.

Making a fall suncatcher is a very fun kindergarten manual activityy

Silhouette suncatchers are very easy to make. All you need is contact paper, construction paper for the silhouettes, and tissue paper for the stained glass effect. You can cut your tissue paper into squares for a more defined effect, or tear it up, or choose to do a mix of the two.

Create your own pinecone card holders: everything you need

  • Cones
  • Yarn scraps in your choice of colors
  • Golden paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint trays
  • scrapbook paper
  • Letter stamps
  • Ink
  • Decorative sharp scissors

First, you need to make sure your pinecones are properly cleaned and prepared for DIY. If you don’t have pine cones that you can pick up where you live, you can easily get them from your local craft store.

Once your pinecones are ready, you can paint them gold. It’s easy ! As soon as they dry, take the thread and cut pieces in different lengths. You will do a lot of experimenting before determining the correct length for the size of your pine cones.

Start packing them. You can use as much or as little yarn as you want, it’s up to you, but how different each pinecone becomes is to be enjoyed.

Make Fall Sunflowers to Beautify a Space

Fall decorating season  begins. Outdoors or indoors, you can “light up” your home in all the colors of fall and with the help of your children. Get card stock or construction paper in shades of orange and yellow, blue and black; oil pastels, scissors, glue.

Start by drawing the petals, either using the template you downloaded or drawing your own. Using a little thicker paper works well with oil pastels: 10 petals per sunflower is fine.

Then draw the center of the sunflower using the template or have your children draw their own on black paper.

Cut out the petals and the center of the flower.

Draw on the petal shapes with oil pastels using fall colors such as red, orange, yellow and brown. Kids can explore different ways to use oil pastels and try drawing with the whole pastel on the side, to create a different texture.

You can also layer oil pastels, they don’t blend as easily as chalk pastels, so you can layer colors without worrying about getting too muddy.

Once the petals are complete, use a brown pastel to draw in the center of the flower.

Once the petals and centers are done, you can arrange them on your background in any color. This will greatly facilitate gluing if they are already laid.

Use a glue stick and gently lift the petals a couple at a time to glue them. Put the center on top of the petals and you’re done!