How to Start Gardening Indoors?

Have you ever truly thought about having a garden indoors? Some people want to have a garden so bad, but they live downtown in an apartment. Or they live in a house but they don’t have enough space in their backyard. But what if you can start growing your garden indoors? It’s a good way to use what you have and work on something you care about. You might even have a plan on moving out to the countryside or the suburbs where you can have a garden. But you don’t have to wait. You can start growing your garden indoors today.

Decide What You Want

To start growing any kind of garden, you need to decide what you want. You want to decide what is it that you want to grow. Are you going to grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables? Or maybe you want to grow all of them and have a little bit of everything. There are no wrong answers and it all comes down to what you want. Some people just want to have fun and work on a few herbs and vegetables when they get home. It relaxes them and makes them feel good. And it’s a good feeling when you live in an apartment downtown and you have your own tomatoes. You don’t need to have a lot of them, of course. But having a little bit of everything you love will fulfill you and give you pleasure while you work.

Make a Plan

Now that you know what you truly want, it’s time to make a plan. What are the species that you want to have? Do you have a list? Start making the list so that you know what seeds you need to buy. Another good idea is to get a notepad app on your phone so you can have a list by hand. This is good because you can add new things to your list when you think about something new. But you don’t need to rush, and you don’t need to have everything. You can start with a few seeds and pots, and then slowly expand from that point. Another thing you need to plan is where are you going to do it. What is the ideal place for your new indoor garden in your house or apartment? Let’s check out a few options.

Get Creative with Space

When it comes to space, you need to get a little bit creative. Especially if you don’t have a lot of space and you’re growing a garden indoors. This is a situation where you need to get creative and use what you have. And you probably have enough space to grow at least a single small garden. If you have an empty room, it’s a big plus, but it’s not necessary. If you have a balcony, even better, you’ll make it much easier. But there are many different ways you can do it, and you don’t have to limit yourself.

An Empty Room Might Solve the Problem

As we said before, an empty room is a big plus because you’ll have a ton of space. It solves your problem with space and you’ll have a nice little garden inside. You won’t even have to think about moving anything to other parts of the house. And if the windows in your house are big enough so your plants will have enough sunlight, even better. It will save you a lot in the long run because it solves a big problem.

And of course, one big disclaimer. You don’t have to put soil all over your empty room as many people ask. You can use pots, boxes, containers, or anything else you find appropriate for that matter. There is a great gardening masterclass by Ron Finley where you can find a ton of great ideas. Not only about the basics of gardening, but also about the creativity and what possibilities you have. You can truly start a new garden anywhere you can think of.

Use Your Balcony Wisely

A balcony is the most common location for gardening for people that live in an apartment. It’s a good choice because your plants will have enough oxygen. And in many cases, they are exposed to sunlight, which is very important. But even if they are not directly exposed, they will still get much more of it than they would indoors. Although, having a garden on the balcony may not be considered indoor gardening. But for people that live in an apartment, it’s probably the best choice. And if you have a big balcony, and an empty room, even better. You can do both if you have a will to do it, and if you have enough resources to do it in both locations. You may need to do some more work, but again, if you love doing it, it won’t be a problem.

Ladder Garden

Another great option you have is a ladder garden. This one is a good choice because you can do it anywhere. You only need a garden with a few pots or anything else that can hold soil in it. And you can put the ladder anywhere you want to. You can move it around the house and put it to another spot then you need to do some cleaning or anything else. But it’s also a great choice if you need some more space on the balcony or your room.

You’ll save a ton of space by including these ladder gardens on your balcony. You won’t need to have everything on the floor or the table. A ladder is a good solution for any kind of environment when you need more space. Even if you start growing a garden outside later on. And it’s also a great decoration wherever you have them because they look very decorative.

Boxes, Pots, Containers

The main reason we recommended Ron Finley’s masterclass is because of this. You can plant seeds wherever you want to. And you don’t have to limit yourself to anything that people might consider being the norm. You can even take your old shoe, fill it up with soil, and plant some herbs. This is exactly what Ron did in the masterclass. So if you genuinely love gardening, make sure you watch it. But when it comes to pots, they can be very helpful when it comes to living in an apartment. Any kinds of pots or containers will serve you well as long as they are made out of strong material. Even the simple plastic ones will do the work.

They might not be so good for the environment, but they won’t hurt anyone indoors. And yet another very important thing is to always have an extra pot or container. Especially bigger ones because you might need to do some re-potting later on. If you planted a tomato, for example, it may be ok in a smaller pot for a while. But you might want to move it to a bigger one later so that it can start growing.

Make Sure Your Plants Have Enough Sun

We don’t even have to talk much about this one because everyone understands this. But for some reason, many people keep forgetting about it. And if you want your plant to grow, you don’t want to forget such an important thing. Indeed, some plants might not need direct sunlight and they prefer indirect light. This is why growing flowers isn’t that hard when it comes to indoor gardening. Many species are very easy to maintain indoors because they don’t need sunlight.

That solves a problem for many species, but not for all of them. So it mostly depends on what you want to have in your garden. This is why deciding what you want and making a plan was in the very beginning. If you want to grow some vegetables inside, it may be a little bit harder. But if you have huge windows and a lot of natural light, it might not be such a big deal.

Keep Your Plants Hydrated

Keeping your plants hydrated is yet another essential thing. And this is one of the main reasons why many people choose flowers instead of vegetables. Especially when it comes to living in an apartment. They are much more simple to take care of and they don’t need a lot of care. Especially when it comes to specific kinds of flowers that are almost perfect for people that live downtown. They don’t need a ton of water and they don’t like direct sunlight. This makes the entire gardening job much more simple and it’s a good starting point.

Keep Your Areas Cool

You want to keep your room cool enough so that it doesn’t hurt your plants. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should make it a lot colder, of course. You don’t want them to freeze as well. But you want to keep a moderate temperature so that they can grow properly. If you keep them on the balcony, you should take care of them if it gets colder or warmer outside. This is why having an empty room is the best choice, but again, it’s not necessary. Keeping your apartment or your house at a moderate room temperature will be enough in most cases.