How to grow ginger in a pot at home? Yes, it is possible in France!

Originally from Asia, ginger is a star ingredient in our kitchens, and with good reason. Given its many virtues for health (but also for beauty), this root is consumed in the form of an infusion and it invites itself in our healthy smoothies, as well as in several meals. But, is it possible to grow ginger in France and more particularly, in pots at home? Discover without further delay all the information about growing ginger at home!

Can you grow ginger in France?

Although the nature of ginger is tropical, this does not necessarily mean that it is impossible to grow it in France. On the contrary ! This root actually turns out to be surprisingly easy to grow in France. The health benefits of ginger are quite numerous and are even proven by science. It is therefore worthwhile to be well informed about the possibility of having plantations at home.

In the ground or in a pot? Both are possible, but be aware that ginger is a non-hardy plant and therefore fears frost. For successful cultivation, it is better to grow ginger in a pot so that it can be brought inside in case of low temperatures. Today we show you the steps to follow to achieve this! Follow us.

How to grow ginger in a pot?

Growing ginger in a container is a much easier task than you might think. All you need to do is follow a few basic steps and know the golden maintenance rules. Do not panic since we have prepared everything for you in the following paragraphs.

Step 1: Choose the right rhizome

The rhizome is simply the ginger root intended for planting. No need to look for a specific grocery store because it is an as-is root that you can find in any supermarket, preferably organic. What matters is knowing how to choose it correctly. That said, your planting root should look the strongest, plump and have a few small shoots (but it doesn’t have to be). No more withered and stunted rhizomes.

Step 2: In which pot to grow ginger?

After the choice of root to plant, it is that of the pot that deserves special attention. Essential for the proper development of your ginger, the container should be about 35cm in diameter and about 30cm deep. These dimensions can contain 2 or 3 rhizomes. The presence of water drainage holes at the bottom of the pot is mandatory, as well as pebbles of different sizes whose role is to prevent the compaction of the soil which can block the drainage holes.

Step 3: Prepare the rhizome

Before proceeding with planting ginger in a pot, it is first important to prepare the rhizome. What does that mean exactly? So, you have to grow ginger in water for a short period of time. Put the rhizome in a bowl of water and roots will start to appear after a few days. This means that your ginger is ready to be planted in the ground.

Step 4: Planting ginger in a pot

Let’s first clarify that this root is planted in the spring when frost is no longer to be feared. At the end of the day (and at the risk of repeating ourselves), it is a tropical plant. But, how exactly do you plant ginger in a pot? Fill two-thirds of the container with light potting soil and then install the root in it, leaving it slightly uncovered. That’s it !

Step 5: Good housekeeping is key

Once the rhizome has been planted, avoid over-watering at the risk of rotting the root. When stems appear, watering becomes regular. Ginger is a perennial tropical plant that likes heat, as well as humidity and whose pot must be brought indoors when temperatures drop. Its ideal location is in the sun. 

As for fertilizer inputs, these are not necessary if the soil was enriched before planting. Otherwise, fertilize once a month using a liquid fertilizer. This step will definitely boost the development of your ginger.