Essential Components of Every Backyard Garden

What are the main components of every backyard garden? The answer you’ll get might vary from the person that you’re talking to. Not to mention if that person comes from another culture. Everyone has their way of gardening and everyone has a specific way of taking care of the garden. And this will be different from person to person. But is there something that all of them have in common when it comes to gardening? Well, there are certain elements that many people will agree on. They might be different here and there, but in the essence, they are all the same. Here are some of the components that many people agree on when it comes to garden essentials.

All 4 Elements

One of the most important things when it comes to your garden is to include all four elements. That means having elements of fire, water, air, and earth. Do you know what kind of role Feng Shui plays in the interior of your house? Well, this is the same thing. Although, Feng Shui is not limited to the interior only. But what can we do with these elements when it comes to our garden? First of all, you might want to research so you can understand everything much better. But let’s try to explain everything in the shortest way possible.

Having these elements does not mean that you should copy everything that you read. Having an element of fire does not necessarily mean that you need a fire pit. But if you want to have one, that can work as well. What it means is that you should add something that will provide the energy of fire. And you can add a few various species of Maple trees that have nice warm red leaves. But it doesn’t mean that you should exclude the fire pit if you want one. The same applies to every other element. Although, if you want to have a water element, you need to add some water.

That can be a small ponds, a solar fountain, or a simple sprinkler here and there. And when it comes to air and earth, many people ignore them. They think that they already have air and ground in their backyard, which is true, but not completely right. To add the air element, you can add some nice decorations that will create a specific sound when the wind comes. And when it comes to the earth element, you can add some nice decorative stones all over your backyard. There are also a lot of other kinds of ground decorations you can add as well. Just like we said in the beginning, the topic is huge and you should do your research if you’re interested.

A Beautiful Front Entrance

The front entrance is indeed an important part of the house because it’s what makes your home attractive. It calls your potential visitors to come over to be your guests. Now, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that everyone will start coming over to your place. This is dedicated to people that you genuinely want to have around so they don’t have a second-guessing. Having a nice front entrance creates a completely different emotion for people when they come. It makes them feel like it’s all just for them.

They might not tell that, but this is how we function as humans. And there’s nothing wrong with that because they will feel even more pleasant. Some people love having a lot of different species of flowers and herbs along the way. Others love having statues like dwarfs and swans. It all comes down to your taste and what you love having, so do it the way you like.

A Few Gathering Areas

Having a few different gathering areas gives your garden diversity. It makes it more interesting and attractive. Especially if the garden is big because these areas look completely different. But that doesn’t mean that small gardens don’t stand a chance. They do, and that is because they have their charms, just like the big ones. The difference is that these areas look very different when it comes to the size of your garden. But again, we’ll repeat, it all comes down to what you like and what looks attractive to you.

What are these areas that you might want to have in your garden? First of all, you want to have a huge barbecue gathering area where you can have guests. This should be big enough for a smaller birthday party, so consider having at least 10 seats. It may also have a barbecue in it, but it’s all up to you. It’s one of the things people love having in these kinds of areas, as well as a small fridge for beer cans. Another one you should consider is an open area that may be next to this one.

This one can be used for football, golf, or any other kind of sport. But it can also be used for backyard parties so that you have enough space. And the best way to do it is to have a huge gathering area next to your open area. Your front entrance can lead you right into them, so it makes everything even more practical.

Last but not least is the relaxation area. This is usually the first area that people create when they start working on their backyard garden. This may be a place surrounded by flowers and bushes that is pretty much quieter than the rest of the property. It’s a good thing to have when you get back home from work and you want to enjoy the peace of your garden. So if you don’t have loud neighbors, this will be a nice little home paradise. You can use it to get away from the rest of the world for a while. You can meditate, read a book, maybe do some yoga, or whatever else you enjoy.


Isolation and privacy are very important in today’s world. We are so much exposed to other people and media that our brains can explode from all of it. And it’s not about having to hide something or running away from anyone. It’s about having inner peace and silence that you can enjoy whenever you want to. You can build nice wooden decorative walls in your backyard or grow some huge bushes. There is a variety of ways on how you can have your privacy. And most of them look good and decorative so it fits the environment of your garden. So avoid building a wall out of bricks because it looks really bad. Not to mention that it’s not good for the environment as well. You don’t need it to have silence and peace of mind.

Flowers & Herbs

This is something that we don’t even have to mention because it goes without saying. But still, it’s too important to skip. There are no rules on what flowers you’re supposed to have in your garden. But make it as colorful as you can and plant a lot of different seeds of flowers in many colors. You can never be wrong when it comes to flowers because the more you have, the more attractive it is. And the more pleasant it will be to spend time in your garden. Plant them in many different locations and grow a nice little botanical garden out of your backyard.

The same applies when it comes to herbs. They can work out in your garden as a nice decoration. And the best thing about these herbs is that you can use them for tea or spices later on. You might want to research to see if some kinds of flowers and herbs won’t grow next to each other. It probably won’t be a problem, but you want to be sure just in case. You want to make it as colorful and decorative as you can, but you also want to avoid unwanted effects.


Vegetables play a big role in many gardens. Not everyone wants to plant them, but some people love having them. It’s always a pleasure when you eat something that you’ve planted by yourself. It’s kind of like printing money. You’ll have the food that you grow by yourself. Even if it’s not too much. Some people like to plant vegetables next to the kitchen so that they can have fresh food whenever they need it. It’s very practical, but it’s also a great decoration.

You can plant what you need and always have home-grown food whenever you walk out the door. Other people like having a greenhouse in the backyard as well. It’s a much safer way to grow your food without having to worry about pollution or anything like that. It’s a one-time investment and you have the greenhouse in your backyard every year. You can use it for flowers as well. Or if you live in an area where the winter can be very cold, you can keep a few of them inside. A greenhouse can sometimes be warmer than a house. Some people even use them to have vegetables during the winter when they can’t plant outside. It’s a great way to have fresh food during the winter.