Easy Gardening Projects to Tackle This Weekend

The weekend is here, and you are not sure what to do with your free time, but you know you want to be productive rather than a couch potato. If you live in a house and have a garden that needs some work, here is your weekend project. You can reorganize the whole backyard, freshen it, plant some new flowers or even some fruits and vegetables. Your garden decoration probably also needs some paint and cleaning, maybe even your fence as well. The grass for sure needs to be cut and watered, especially if it is a hot summer day. 

To help you be proactive, here are easy gardening projects to tackle this weekend: 

Planter Made Of Wood That Hangs Vertically

This vertical standing wooden planter is made from some spare boards from prior projects. This is a terrific way to highlight your favorite plants and flowers, and you can use it to adorn the porch or deck that overlooks your flower garden. Because this one is so simple to construct, you can knock off a number of them in a single day and scatter them across your garden.

Flower Bed in a Vertical Position

This vertical flower bed can quickly liven up your outdoor living areas when added to your garden area. This one is simple to construct and may be made out of repurposed pallets and lattice. If you don’t have any, little boards or paint stirrers can be used to make your own. I adore how lovely this looks with the flowers bursting out, and it’s ideal for leaning against a home or a garden fence.

Planter with a Topsy Turvy Feel

To make this wonderful topsy turvy planter, all you need are a few terra cotta pots, some rebar, and a few hours of your work. This will surely add some flair and design to your yard, and it is really simple to construct. This one has a very whimsical vibe to it. It looks great anywhere in the yard, and because it’s so simple to make, you could make a few of these in a day and cover your garden with DIY garden décor.

Garden Glove Rack That Is Easy To Make

If you garden frequently, you almost certainly have an excellent pair of gardening gloves, and if you do, you’ll need a place to store them, right? This DIY garden glove rack is simple to construct and really useful for keeping those gloves sorted and stored. This may be made out of a variety of repurposed items and hung on your fence or the side of your house nearest to your garden.

Potting Bench on Wheels

If you garden frequently, a potting table is a must-have, and this one is simple to construct. This project can be completed in a few hours, and if you have any leftover wood from past projects, you’re almost halfway done. Put this in your yard or by your fence to provide the ideal spot for seedlings and potted plants to be planted and pruned.

Pallet Walkway That Has Been Upcycled

A pathway is a great way to add some style to your yard, and this one is made out of reclaimed pallets. I like a good DIY pallet project, and this one will turn your yard into a work of art in no time. This is a simple way to add some DIY garden décor, and it’s a project you can complete in an afternoon – even if you want a lengthy promenade around your garden.

Glass Garden Lights that Float

In the garden, I adore the lighting. It’s a fantastic way to light up a room, especially at night. With some twine or rope and a few light globes, you can construct your own yard lighting. When completed, they look stunning and are ideal for lighting up a flower garden or a walkway around your yard.

DIY Garden Markers Made of Bricks

Garden markers made at home are a terrific way to personalize your outdoor space. These markers can be created in about five minutes, and they won’t cost you anything if you have some old bricks on hand. This is a one-day project that you will want to attempt, whether you use them in your herb garden or to leave beautiful greeting words in your flower garden.

Wreath of Succulents

Another project that will take only a few hours to do and will instantly improve the appearance of your lawn and garden is this one. Make a succulent wreath for yourself! These are incredibly simple to make and bring so much beauty to any space where you hang them. You may hang it on a door, a porch, or a deck, or plant a few and use them to decorate the fence around your garden.

Wind Chime with Seashells

Any wind chimes you place in your yard will enhance its aesthetic appeal. A DIY wind chime is a lovely way to add some style to your home, and they’re really simple to construct. Adding one can instantly liven up your garden, whether you pick seashells to give your yard a more natural and seaside appeal or wind chimes made of other materials.

Teacup Bird Feeder That Has Been Upcycled

You must create a few of these gorgeous repurposed teacup bird feeders if you have a few trees in your yard area. Simply hang them anywhere you have available space. They’re quite simple to prepare, and your birds will adore them. Furthermore, having birds in your yard is beneficial to your plants and a great way to add some extra décor.

Garden Fountain Made From Scratch

This beautiful fountain for your garden can be built for just $20 and completed in only a few hours. One of my favorite one-day garden projects is this. A backyard fountain is one of my favorite things in the world. A fountain adds so much beauty to your outdoor living spaces, and the sound of trickling water is so peaceful. This one is created with a huge planting pot and a few other simple supplies, and it will be your favorite springtime garden project.

Glass Bird Bath that has been Repurposed

Make a beautiful hanging birdbath out of an old glass lid that you can hang in your yard. If you have a tree in your garden, you can hang this wonderful birdbath from a limb, and it is a really easy project to complete. All you need is a glass lid from a casserole dish, saucepan, or bowl, as well as rope or thread to hang it with.

Swing in the Garden

A swing is indeed a great way to add some style to your yard. This DIY wooden swing is simple to construct and can be completed in a matter of hours. It’s undoubtedly a one-day project worth attempting. You may hang it from a tree in your yard or put it on your porch so you can always sit down and relax while enjoying your beautiful blooms in the spring and summer.

Terra Cotta Planters with Marbles

With a few inexpensive terra cotta pots and some nail paint, you can turn plain terra cotta planters into lovely marbled planters. This is a lovely method to display your flowers and plants, and it’s ideal for giving your flower garden some elegance and charm. These would also look nice along your walkway to the porch or deck or anyplace else outside where you want to add some beautiful décor.

Garden Fence Made of Marble

Marbles are a great way to bring some light and color to your landscape for a little cost. And you only need a bag of marbles, which you can get for a couple of bucks for this project. Now, you have to place the marbles on your fence or gate. The marbles catch the light and emit gorgeous hues, and this is one of the simplest projects for your garden that you can complete in a single day.

Outdoor Garden Chandelier Made From Scratch

One of the most interesting projects to do with mason jars is this outdoor garden chandelier. This takes only a few hours to build and looks very stunning when hung in the yard. You’ll need a wire basket, which you can pick up for about $1 at the Dollar Store, as well as baubles and a couple of smaller mason jars. Then add candles for an immediate outdoor chandelier that will enhance the attractiveness of your yard.

DIY Feeder for Hummingbirds

Nothing adds more beauty to a garden than a hummingbird, and with this simple DIY hummingbird dripper, you can attract a swarm of them. Hummingbirds adore nectar, and this is a great method to keep them fed. It’s also a project that can be completed in under a day. With all of those hummingbirds buzzing about, your garden will be really stunning, and hummingbirds are great for your flowers. And who doesn’t love having hummingbirds around? They simply have something that makes us smile whenever we see them.