Easy Gardening Projects For Kids

Gardening is a fun and rather serious activity! It takes skills and a lot of time to perfect your garden. There are many ways to decorate your backyard, from simple to fancy ones! Gardening can also be a great bonding project, so instead of hiring a professional designer, let your kids take that role! Your kids will love helping you with the garde. Not only will they have a great time, but they will also acquire many new skills. Their summer break will definitely be different this year! 

Here are easy gardening projects for your kids:

Garden Markers Made by Hand

When you have a lot of different plants and need to identify them, garden markers come in handy. Garden markers may make a great difference in keeping your plants alive, especially if you have plants that demand various sorts of care. These are simple and enjoyable craft projects for your children that may be utilised in outdoor gardening, herb pots, and flower gardens.

Metal Spoons for Garden Markers – Dollar stores and thrift stores sell metal spoons for a low price. Simply paint and embellish them before placing them in the ground.

Stick Garden Markers — So, if you have little children, you are likely to have popsicle sticks around the house. You can construct adorable small signs with simply hot glue and popsicle sticks that your kids can paint!

Marker for the Garden

Garden Markers Made from Twigs – These garden markers are as easy as they come! All you actually have to do now is go outside and look for some twigs to write on using a permanent marker. I’m sure your kids would enjoy taking on this responsibility!

Bead Garden Markers – Teaching your children the alphabet with alphabet letter beads is a fun method to do it. This game lets your kids develop fine motor skills while also teaching them how to spell different plant names by threading beads onto wires.

Wooden Spoon Garden Markers – Simply get some wooden spoons from your local dollar shop and have your children paint the veggies or fruits you wish to plant on each spoon. You may also let your child write the name of the plant on the spoon if he or she understands how to write.

Mega Bloks Garden Markers – Wooden Spoons Your kids will have a blast constructing yard markers with their Mega Bloks toy! They may assist with cleaning and preparing the Mega Bloks before placing them in the garden beside the appropriate veggies or fruits.

Make Fairy Gardens That Are Magical

A flower or plant container can be converted into a fantasy world populated by fairies and dinosaurs (well, not in the same pot). Your children will enjoy constructing a fairy house or a forest for their ancient creatures.

Pixie Hollow Fairy Garden – This charming fairy garden would be a hit with your small girls. Allow children to choose their own fairy and construct a home for them. Add some lovely animal companions for a magical touch!

Miniature Fairy Gardens with Flower Pots – Why settle for a one-story fairy garden when you may have three? To create a tiered fairy garden, this innovative little living garden employs some engineering abilities to stack different sized clay pots and saucers on top of each other. More fanciful decorations are needed, such as little ladders for the fairies to ascend from one layer to the next!

Mini-Flower Gardens – If you have toddlers, stick to smaller pots and construct these mini-flower gardens rather than the larger fairy gardens. The flowers take centre stage in these mini-flower gardens, which are accented with a fairy home or animal buddies.

If your boys are too “manly” to design a fairy garden, they may make a dinosaur garden! Create a forest, oasis, and rock formations to transport your dinosaurs back in time.

Fairy Garden Door – Do It Yourself This fairy garden door tutorial shows you how to make a stunning entrance out of dollar store items using a moss and stone collage.

Easy Painted Fairy Houses – Make charming miniature fairy houses in your yard by painting doors, windows, flowers, and hearts on mini terracotta pots.

Find Out More About Composting

It is indeed critical that we teach our children not to squander food. Kids may learn about the circle of life and the advantages of returning food to the environment by learning about composting, or the process of recycling organic matter into a rich soil.

Construct a Compost Bin – A basic plastic storage tub that you may have lying around the garage may be used to make a compost bin. Composting isn’t as simple as tossing food into a tub and waiting for it to decompose! Show your child how to create a compost bin with these step-by-step instructions and explain why we should produce compost at home.

Make a Worm Farm – Worms are a hit with kids. Worms are not only entertaining for children, but they also aid in the creation of nutrient-rich soil. When it comes to composting, they are your best buddies. Feeding the worms with fruit and vegetable peels and leftovers teaches your children responsibility.

Planters Made From Egg Cartons

Who’d have guessed egg cartons could be so useful? Planting your seeds in used egg cartons is a fun way to teach your kids about where plants originate from. You may also discuss with your children the importance of reusing egg cartons rather than tossing them away and the environmental benefit of recycling.

Using an Egg Carton to Start Seeds – Instead of going to the nursery and buying ready-to-plant seedlings, start your own seedlings in an egg carton! Imagine your children’s delight when they see the little sprouts beginning to emerge from the earth!

Instead of placing earth in the egg carton, you may keep the empty eggshells and use them to cultivate your seedlings! Washing the eggshells and filling them with dirt will be a hit with the kids. Eggshells supply calcium to your plants, allowing them to grow stronger.

Winter Egg Carton Greenhouse — If you (or rather, your children) can’t wait to start planting during the colder months, you may do it by making an egg carton greenhouse. The secret to getting the seeds to grow outside in the chilly weather is to use plastic egg cartons with covers.

Set up Herb Gardens

Planting a herb garden with your kids is the perfect hobby for your family if you enjoy using herbs in your cuisine. Herbs grow quickly, which is ideal for our eager children. Furthermore, children like harvesting what they have grown and seeing the herbs in their food.

Planting a Herb Garden with Children – Pick up some herbs, a drainage pot, and potting mix at your local shop with your kids, and you’re set to go! Planting a herb garden with your children may be easier than you think, especially if you follow this helpful instruction.

DIY Herb Garden Planter – Did you know that you can make a garden planter out of any container that can hold soil and your plants? You can have your child choose a container and drill drainage holes at the bottom of the container. It’s nice and simple!

Make Your Own Bird Baths And Feeders

Seeing birds in your backyard may make you feel so joyful and content. If you have a nice little bird feeder in your garden, you’ll notice that the birds keep returning, and guess what? They bring their pals! Birds are like outside pets, and your kids will enjoy seeing them soar and hop about.

You can construct your own bird feeder with only an empty water bottle, a yawn, and some twigs! All you have to do to help with this activity is cut small holes in the bottle so your kids can stick the twigs through.

Bird Seed Hearts – This bird feeder is so simple to put together that even your child can do it (well, with some help from you). Plus, because they’re in the shape of a heart, you can wrap them up and give them as Valentine’s or Mother’s Day gifts!

Bird Bath Fairy Garden – Aren’t birds adorable while they’re bathing? Your children will shriek with joy when they witness birds playing in water, as they don’t get to see them very frequently. This bird bath is really cute because it’s painted to seem like a fairy garden!

Garden Decorations

DIY Stepping Stones – Creating ornamental stepping stones for your yard is a lovely way to commemorate special family moments. Your children will enjoy collecting things for the stepping stone and customising it with what they discover.

Bottle Cap Flowers – Do you have any spare bottle caps? This is a great way to recycle bottle caps by making flowers that you can “plant” in your yard. After you’ve hot glued the bottle tops together, your kids may assist paint them.

Wooden Spoon Garden Craft – Wooden spoons are fantastic for garden markers, but you can also turn them into lovely garden buddies by decorating them with craft materials like googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and felt.