Creative Ways to Grow a Garden

Many people that have a garden never think about getting creative. They are focusing on getting their work done and doing their best to make it right, and that is ok. But why not make it more enjoyable and make the entire process more fun? Add some colors, get more playful, and enjoy the game like you did when you were younger. If there’s anyone that gets into the flow state easily, it’s the children when they’re playing. And there is so much that we can learn from them. Let’s look at a few ways we can get creative when growing a garden.

Stack Some Bales

This is very similar to bucket pots. But this time, you don’t have to fill anything with soil. You only need to get some bales and create a shape that you want around the soil that you’re already using. But make sure you’re not planting any small flowers or something that can’t be seen because of them. It may be a nice idea to plant some vegetables because it will prevent some small animals from eating them. But if you want to plant some flowers or decorative plants, you might want to choose a few higher ones.

Hanging Garden

Here’s one of the popular ones from social media. Hanging gardens are becoming more and more popular because of Instagram, Pinterest, and others. Gardening communities online have become very pleasant and it’s a nice way to share ideas. It’s also a nice way to meet a lot of new people that may have similar interests as you do. And this is exactly the reason why so many ideas like these are becoming more and more popular. It’s very easy to share them, and it’s even easier to try them out. Some people use these hanging gardens on their walls and windows to create a nice waterfall effect. Others like getting more creative and putting them on the fence or some other interesting objects. It’s a nice way to use space that looks too empty and makes it more colorful and interesting.

Bucket Pots

If you have a lot of buckets left when you were painting your house, you can use them. Or any other kinds of buckets that you might have that you don’t use. This is a perfect way you can use them in a good and creative way to make your garden more interesting. You can use them as pots and plant some plants and flowers that can grow and be huge later on. This will create a nice little fountain or waterfall effect and it will be full of different colors. It’s a nice way to use these kinds of elements instead of throwing them away.

Think Inside the Box

These kinds of boxes are another popular way to grow an interesting kind of garden. You only need some old wooden boards that you can put on the ground. You can create a set of boxes that you can use to plant some seeds inside of them. It’s a nice way to plant vegetables because it’s an easy way to get them once they grow. But it also looks good as decoration because it’s all well-organized. And it doesn’t only have to be done for vegetables. You can plant anything you think would fit well inside of them. Many people do it with different kinds of flowers as well.

Small Greenhouses

Having a few smaller greenhouses is also a nice way to make your garden look more creative. You’ll have greenhouses full of vegetables, flowers, or anything else that you like and it looks well-organized. It doesn’t necessarily have to be more of them as this is just an idea. It’s much better to have one and use it well. And if you need to have more of them later on, it’s not hard to add them. You’ll know what to do and how to do it well because you’ll have an experience with the first one. And it’s an easy way to keep your plants in a safe environment that will feel natural to them.

An Entryway to Your House

If you live in a house that has a longer entryway, this is for you. You have something that you can use well and make it look beautiful. It helps if that side of the house isn’t looking at the street so it’s free of CO2, but it’s a good thing to do either way. Find some interesting sorts of flowers and maybe some fruit like strawberries and blueberries. Make it more colorful and useful at the same time. You’ll grow some flowers and plants to make your entryway more attractive. And you’ll have some nice little homegrown fruit that you can pick along the way when you get home.

Ladders and Tools

There are countless ways you can use tools that you don’t need. That includes old ladders, boxes, buckets, and so on. But these uses of ladders for the garden are one of the most popular ways to do it. And they are getting more and more popular all over social media. Some people even use them inside their apartment in the middle of the city. So it’s not only popular in the gardening communities. Do your research and take a look at how other people are doing it. You might find some good ideas that you’ve never even thought of. It’s an interesting way to see how much you can use things that you would normally throw away. But you can find much more eco-friendly and creative ways to use them and make them look good.

One Flower Gardens

One flower gardens are popular among some groups of people. But there are also a lot of them that don’t like it and find it monotonous. So it’s all up to your taste and what you like to have in your garden. Some people like to grow an entire garden only by using one species of flowers. And they usually do it by growing white or red roses. This may be popular because of all the scenes from Alice in Wonderland. But there is another much more creative way you can do it and that is to create a few areas. This way, you’ll have a few different one-flower areas and you’ll still make a nice interesting effect. And it won’t be monotonous like one flower garden can be.

Decorate Vegetables with Flowers

This is a good idea if you’re having a small vegetable garden in the kitchen. But even if your garden is small and you don’t have too much space, this is a nice way to decorate your garden. Whenever you have a space between the vegetables, plant some flower seeds. But first, make sure that these plants are not toxic for your vegetables so you don’t have a problem later on. There are many kinds of flowers you can use to do this and they all look very good.

Garage Garden

Garage gardens are ideal for people that don’t have a lot of space in their backyard. It’s a nice way to use the garage if you don’t have a ton of stuff inside of it as well. And if you don’t have a car or you don’t keep it inside, even better. The only downside when it comes to the garage could be the sunshine. You might need to improvise and find some ideas so you can have more light in your garage. You want to allow your plants to grow without any potential blocks they might have in the dark space. But you don’t want to keep them exposed to direct sunlight as well. That depends on the different kinds of plants, of course. So you want to have both options so you can keep any kind of plant inside your garage.

Make it More Colorful

This may sound obvious, but it’s not the case necessarily. The best way to make your garden look more creative is to, you guessed it, make it more colorful. This is the case with any kind of garden. Unless your goal is to grow plants in specific colors, of course. But if it isn’t make it more colorful. Find all the kinds of flowers that you can that will grow in different colors. This will look good on your entryway, on your windows, and in your backyard. You just can’t make a mistake by doing it. And there are no wrong options that you can choose. Whatever you do that makes your garden more colorful will look beautiful.

Plant Vegetables Near the Kitchen

This is yet another great idea that you can see on social media. It’s not necessarily a rule or a norm, but you’ll see it in many videos. People love having a vegetable garden near the kitchen. And these kitchens usually have an outside door that leads to the garden. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an entire garden, but even the small vegetable garden nearby makes it work. It’s near your kitchen and you can always get out and pick something that you need for your dinner. And if you do a few decorations along the way, it will look even more creative than it already does. It’s an interesting way to make it both decorative and practical.