Best Vegetables to Grow if You’re a Beginner

Growing your food is always a bigger pleasure than buying it. It might take some time and some work that needs to be done, but it’s not too much. And it’s very easy to learn how to do it. We’re looking for vegetables that are easy to grow for beginners. This means low maintenance, large harvests, and continuous yields. But it also means that it’s very simple to start from seeds. You can find a lot of these seeds you can buy in the market. You should always pay attention if the seeds are organic before you buy them. It will be much healthier and you’ll harvest for years. This is the main reason why many people choose organic seeds. But you should also pay attention if the soil is good and healthy for the plant. And if it is, your job will be much easier. Now let’s look at the few vegetables that are easy to grow if you’re a beginner.


Cucumbers are very easy for beginners and it’s very easy growing them. There are many different varieties of cucumbers that you can plant. But whatever variety you choose, it’s pretty much the same or very similar at least. One of the best things about them is that they are growing very fast as well. But you need to be careful about cucumbers and be sure you’re giving them enough water. They need a lot of water so that they can have a nice taste. If you don’t give them enough water, they will end up being bitter. And you want to avoid that at all costs because you won’t be able to eat them. They enjoy direct sunlight so they don’t need to be in the shade. But even if they are, it won’t bother them too much as long as you water them regularly. Whatever you do, don’t let the soil get dry. But remember not to water them in the middle of the day because you will hurt them. Especially if the weather is very warm. An ideal time to do it is early in the morning, or when the sun goes down.


Tomatoes are yet another choice of many beginner gardeners. They are easy to grow, kind of like cucumbers are. And if you have organic tomato seeds, you can harvest for years. You can grow seeds in small cups or flower pots during the winter and keep them inside. All you need to do is to water them regularly and keep them at room temperature. The seeds will grow during the winter and you’ll have a nice plant that’s ready to be planted in the garden. It’s very easy to maintain them because they don’t ask for too much care. You need to water them regularly and keep the soil wet, of course. But that’s pretty much all you need to do when it comes to growing tomatoes. The hard part when it comes to tomatoes is choosing the variety because there are too many of them. You can’t be wrong as it only depends on your taste and what kind of tomatoes you like. But you want to focus on organic ones so you can save the seeds every year.

Cherry Tomato

Cherry tomato is pretty much the same as the regular tomato. It’s very easy to grow them, and even easier to maintain them. You don’t have to work too much about them except for some occasional watering to keep the soil wet. Some people like planting them in an apartment as well because they can fit in the pots. Although, some species of cherry tomato can grow into huge plants so you might need a bigger pot. They like the sun and you can put them in direct sunlight without having to worry. But the best thing about cherry tomatoes is that they will most likely grow by themselves next year. Some species of cherry tomato will continue to grow in the following years on the same spot. This is because there are a lot of small tomatoes that might get eaten by insects. They will drop the seeds and you’ll have new tomatoes every year even if you don’t plant them by yourself. There are also many interesting varieties you can choose from in many different colors. They all grow in similar conditions and they are all very tasty.


Onions are usually the first choice of many beginner gardeners. It may be because of the simplicity of growing and maintaining them. Or maybe because of quantity because you’ll end up with a lot of them after the harvest. This is also the main reason why many people choose them when starting an organic food business. They are growing very fast and it won’t take much until you see the results of your work. You need to water them regularly, but it’s much simpler than it is with other vegetables. This is because you don’t have to worry too much about the leaves as you do with other plants. You can simply get a sprinkler or a watering can and get everything done very fast. And there are many great varieties of onions that you can plant. You can choose the ones you like or simply plant a few of them and see which ones you like the most.


Peppers are one of these easy vegetables for every purpose. They are easy to grow, easy to maintain, and easy to sell. This is because they have many purposes, from salads to spices. It doesn’t even matter if it’s bell pepper, cayenne pepper, or any other kind. They are simply on demand whatever the case may be. It’s not hard to maintain them because they enjoy direct sunlight. You can plant a lot of them without having to worry if they will get burned or dry out. You do need to water them daily to keep the soil wet as they need a lot of water. But it’s nothing special because you don’t have a ton of work. You may need to remove the weeds occasionally if they are starting to grow. You don’t want them to grow all over the place. And you also want to take care of the soil before you plant them and remove all the worms. This is because, if you’re planting peppers, they are your biggest enemies. They will destroy them and eat them inside, so make sure you get rid of them before you plant the peppers.


Salads are a great choice for beginners whatever the case may be. Even if you’re starting an organic food business. Everyone loves them and you’re most likely to sell them very quickly. But even if you’re planting them for yourself and your family, it doesn’t change anything. It’s very easy to grow them and maintain them, and they grow very quickly. Some people grow them many times a year it so that they have salads all the time. This is yet another great idea if you have time and space for it. There are many different varieties of salads to choose from and they are all very similar. The best way to choose is to go to a nice restaurant and order some salads to see what you like. Or you can go to the supermarket and buy a few different kinds of plants. You can experiment with a few recipes and see what you like the most. This will help you to choose the species you like. So once you find the ones you like, get the seeds, and start planting them. It’s a good idea to create some kind of water system not to damage the leaves. They won’t get hurt in direct sunlight, but make sure that you don’t water them during the day. Because if you do, the leaves might get dry.


Everyone loves cornfields. It may be because of all the country music videos and stories in them. Or maybe because of all the alien movies that always somehow end up in the cornfield. But whatever the case may be, it’s not the main reason. Corn is a plant that grows very fast without too much care. You only need to water the plant regularly and directly to the root. Don’t water the entire plant while it’s growing because you’ll damage the corn. And before you start planting them, you want to test the soil first. You want to inspect it and see if there are any kinds of worms in it. They might damage the entire plant so you want to make sure to get rid of them if there are any. Another great reason why so many people like to grow corn is that everyone loves popcorn. Although, you can’t make popcorn out of every kind of corn. But it still doesn’t change the opinions of people. And it’s one of the main reasons why it’s very easy to sell them if you choose the popcorn type. It’s also another great way to always have healthy snacks in your home. And they will taste even better because you’ll know that they are the result of your hard work.