8 Best Flower Pot Plants

Having all different kinds of flowers can indeed create a pleasant atmosphere. It doesn’t even matter where that might be. Some people like to have them in their apartments because it freshens the space. Or they like to have them on the balcony and have their own little sanctuary for morning coffee. Whatever your unique reason might be, you can’t go wrong with flower pots. Flowers are always a good choice. They are perfect if you want to have them in your backyard or any other place outside. You don’t necessarily need to plant them in the ground. Flower pots can serve as a nice decoration. Especially when you have a nice color combination of plants inside of them.


One of the first plants you should consider is the snapdragon. It’s one of these seasonal plants that doesn’t last for very long, but it’s nice to have them. You can see them in many public gardens since they are one of these somewhat popular plants. And they are one of the most common choices of new gardeners as well. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing them everywhere all of a sudden. But you may not even recognize them every time because they come in many different colors. And that’s something that’s very common for these kinds of Mediterranean plants. They bloom during the entire warm season all the way to autumn. Although, they might have a short break during the warm summer days. So don’t panic if that happens because it’s normal for them. Also, have in mind that these are Mediterranean plants and that they enjoy full direct sunlight. But they also need a lot of water in the early days. So don’t skip a day when it comes to watering.

Scarlet Sage

Straight outta Brazil, we present you the mighty Scarlet Sage. The plant is popular in so many areas and has so many different names. So you might even have heard of it before. But they also have a lot of cousins and lookalikes that are very similar. And yet they don’t have anything to do with Scarlet Sage. So be aware of that because you can easily make a mistake if you’re not an experienced gardener. They can be found in a variety of unique colors, but the most common one is, you can guess, red. That’s probably the main reason for its powerful name. Plus, they bloom the most during the highest temperatures. You would guess that they also enjoy direct sunlight and that is somewhat correct. But have in mind that they do need some shade from time to time. And don’t overwater them because they don’t need them. They enjoy having somewhat dry soil here and there so it can grow properly.


The sweetest American flower, the beautiful Alyssum. The one that’s very popular in the United States that even has it in its name. They call it Sweet Alyssum over there. And in many other places in the world as well. It seems that everyone loves it and it’s for a very good reason. They are indeed very sweet as they come in a big variety of colors. The most popular one is the white one, of course, and it’s probably the one you’ve seen the most. But there are many others as well like pink and violet, and even some nice shades of red. So whatever your taste may be, you’ll probably find the one you like. They are easy to maintain, although it depends. They don’t need a ton of water and they enjoy direct sunlight, which makes it somewhat easy. Although they enjoy spending some time in the shade here and there. So choose the perfect spot that has direct sunlight, but also has some shade during the day. And the best way to plant them is to create a bush effect and plant them in a group. This is the way to grow your Alyssum, although you need to pay attention from time to time. They are very specific, and the rules may vary on different locations. So the best way to know is to pay attention to it as it grows.


Here’s another one that comes from the south and that’s very tolerant to heat. South American Zinnia is yet another very popular plant. And it’s both for flower pots and public garden areas. It comes in so many different colors that you won’t even recognize them in many occasions. You’ll be able to see them in white, but also in many warm colors such as red. And since the flower is very tolerant to heat, it’s no wonder so many people choose them for their garden. It’s an efficient way to make your place more colorful. They don’t need a whole lot of water, just as many other plants from the south. But Zinnia does need some compost to be able to grow the way it should. So have that in mind if you decide you want to grow them. You need to take care of them so you can be sure they are growing the right way. 


Now, Marigold is the one you probably thought about getting before reading this. This is because many people decide they will have it even before they start. That might be because of its popularity, or simply because it’s a beautiful flower. It comes in warm colors as you might already know. So you’ll see them in all the warm shades, from yellow to red. And you’ll see them almost everywhere you go. From public gardens and parks to backyards and balconies. And it is for a very good reason as you can probably guess. They are very easy to maintain because they are tolerant to higher temperatures. They also enjoy full direct sunlight during the entire season. But until the grow, you need to water them regularly and not skip a day. This will ensure that they grow the way they should. And after they grow a little bit and the temperature gets lower, you can water it once or twice a week. It will be enough to keep them at their finest. 


This is yet another one that is as popular as Marigold. Whenever you find a plant that’s very popular amongst regular people and not only gardeners, that’s it. You’re on to something because it’s probably the one that looks good and it’s easy to maintain. And when it comes to begonia, balconies all over the world are full of it. But it is for a very good reason because they are truly magnificent. There are many different kinds of Begonia that you can choose from. But be cautious because they are not all the same. Some kinds of Begonia need to be maintained in a very different way than others. So it’s a somewhat good idea to do your research first or to ask someone who has experience. But whatever kind you choose, you can’t be wrong. They are all very beautiful, and they are all very easy to maintain. So if you’re not sure, this is a good place to start. Keep them in a nice shade and water them often, but not too much.


Here comes the favorite flower of many people in Europe. When you go to Paris, Amsterdam, or any other popular location in the summertime, pay attention. You’ll probably see a lot of Petunia all around you. It’s almost the same situation as it is with Alyssum when you visit public gardens and parks in the United States. And it also comes in many different colors. The most popular one is red, and it’s the one you’ll probably see the most. They bloom the most during the summer as they come from South America. This makes it obvious that Petunia enjoys direct sunlight, but not during the warm weather. So it should have a partial shade during the summer. It enjoys warm temperatures, but it can grow when it gets colder as well. The main thing to remember about petunias is to keep the soil wet. Don’t overwater them, of course, but don’t let the soil go dry. This is the best way to keep it growing. 


Last but not least, we have the magnificent Nasturtium. It’s an edible flower with beautiful color combinations that fit every garden. It’s indeed one of these flowers that you can’t be wrong with. It comes in many different colors and color combinations. So you’ll see them in many different variations. They are available in warm colors like yellow, orange, and red, but also in different shades of pink. Some kinds of Nasturtium are used to create borders and bushes inv public places. While some other kinds of Nasturtium have the option to grow as climbing plants. So there is a variety of things you can use them for. But besides that, you can always plant them as regular plants in your flower pots if that’s what you need. They can grow in shade, but they will do their best in direct sunlight. You should water them once a week, maybe twice if the temperature is high. But they should also spend some time in the dry soil.