7 Reasons to Grow a Garden Out of Town

There are many different ways to grow a garden. And there are many different locations that many people may consider to be the best choice. Some people love growing a garden in the suburbs or downtown. It adds a little bit of that nature effect and a touch of freedom. And that’s something that many people want to have when they come back from work. Especially if the day was hard and they want to rest their minds.

The best place to do so is their garden, of course. Unless you have loud neighbors or you live in the wrong suburbs. But if you live out of town, you won’t have these problems. You won’t have the majority of problems you would normally have if you live in the city. And the benefits are way bigger than you ever thought they would be. Let’s look at the few reasons that might convince you to grow your garden out of town.

Morning Coffee

Ah yes. There’s nothing like that beautiful warm coffee in the morning to start your day properly. The very first smell of coffee in your room gives you hope that today is a wonderful day. A perfect way to start your morning and your new day. But have you ever thought about enjoying your first coffee in your new garden out of town? It’s a nice comfortable way to start your morning in a warm living room drinking your first coffee. And you’re probably used to that if you’ve been doing it for a while.

But have you ever thought about doing it outside? Enjoy the morning view of the sun rising and spreading its light through the flowers. Feel the light breeze on your cheeks while you warm yourself up with your coffee. Feel the morning smell of fresh air and plants that surround you. It might sound like it’s too cold to do so in the morning if you’re used to your living room. But as soon as you try doing it once, you’ll see how beautiful that can be. And once you try it out, there’s no coming back. Nothing beats that feeling when you start your day in nature. Especially if the day is beautiful and you get to enjoy your morning coffee with all these benefits.


The space is yours to choose what you want to do with it. There are no limitations like you would normally have in the suburbs. If you want to have a pool, you’ll have enough space to build one. If you want to plant more seeds and have more organic food, nothing stops you from doing so. You’ll have enough space for everything you want. That also means that everyone in your family will have more space as well.

If your significant other wants to plant something or have some animals, you don’t have to worry. You’ll have space for everything you want to do. As well as your kids. If they want to have a treehouse or a sandbox to play in their free time, you’ll have space for that as well. There are no limitations anymore. And that’s something that you can’t have if you live in the city.


The environment makes the entire experience different whatever you do in life. If you play jazz music, you wouldn’t move out to hip hop area of the town. You would move out to live near other artists that play the same kind of music. Just like the old saying says. If you are surrounded by 5 successful people, you’ll also be successful. It all comes down to your environment whatever you choose to do. And when we say the environment, we don’t only talk about the people. We talk about the entire environment that surrounds you. If you’re surrounded by trees and mountains, it’s a completely different experience. And it’s also a big motivation and it will inspire you to work more on your garden.

But it also comes down to people. If you’re surrounded by other people that love gardening and enjoy nature, you win. You’ll spend time with more like-minded people that you can hang out with. And if they live in that area longer than you do, they probably have much more experience. So you can learn a lot of things from these people as well. That’s yet another thing to look forward to when moving out of town.


We talked about the environment and how much your experience can change. Once you change your environment, your experience will completely transform. And not only your experience, but your background as well. We mentioned this as well when we were talking about the morning coffee. Background plays a big role when it comes to living out of town. When you’re surrounded by nature and all the greenery, it’s a vibe that you can’t describe. You must experience it to understand what we’re talking about. But not only going to nature, camping, or something like that.

Living in nature and growing your garden is a completely different thing. If you work in the city and you have to go to work every day, the vibe is completely different. You’ll start your day in a beautiful environment before going to work. And you know that all this beautiful nature is waiting for you when you get back home. Just think about how much that changes your mood during the workweek. Even if you hate your job, you won’t feel so miserable while doing it. You know that there’s a beautiful garden that’s waiting for you. And you won’t think about that garden as an obligation but rather as a hobby. You’ll enjoy working in your garden and resting your eyes and your mind.


The pleasant clean air that you can have in nature is pure gold. The quality of air will change your mood, your health, your sleep quality, and many other things. It changes the experience of living in nature completely. Many people don’t have that in the suburbs, not to mention downtown. It’s something that’s been reserved for people that live in nature and the countryside. It will be more pleasant for you to spend more time at home, even if you have a lot of work to do.

And if you can work from home, even better. Just imagine the experience of bringing your laptop outside to finish your work for today. You’ll be surrounded by greenery, you’ll listen to the birds singing, and you’ll have clean fresh air. The quality of the work that you’re about to do can’t be compared with anything. It’s a completely different vibe than working in the office. You’ll see how much you’ll improve your work and how much more you’ll be able to do.


One of the most important things when it comes to nature is privacy. It’s something you can work on if you live downtown or in the suburbs, of course. But you can never really have it the way you want to in that kind of environment. Especially if you live in the wrong neighborhood. You can have the most beautiful garden and quickset hedge that protects you from everyone. But if you have loud neighbors who party all the time, you’ll get sick of living in that area very soon. But in the countryside, you won’t have these kinds of problems.

You can play the music you like or you can simply listen to nature. You’ll be surrounded by birds and insects that will provide charming music for your ears only. You won’t even have to think about privacy anymore. It will become a part of your life as breathing. You’ll love it so much that you won’t even think about living in the city anymore. And this is an interesting thing that many people agree with. Once you move to the city, you might come back to nature, and you probably will. But if you live in nature, you’ll never even think about moving back to the city.


Freedom is something that everyone wants to have. Whether you’re a child of a toxic parent or you work an exhausting 9 to 5 job. Or even worse, both. Whatever your situation may be, you want the same thing as everyone else. You want more freedom in life and you want more financial freedom so you don’t have to think about money anymore. You want more freedom of making choices in life. Whatever it may be, it’s something we all crave for. And it’s something you can have if you live in nature or the countryside.

You’ll have the freedom to do what you want when you want, and how you want. If you don’t want to work on your boring job anymore, you don’t have to. You can grow a huge garden and start an organic food business. You’ll have more freedom, much more free time, and you’ll earn much more money. That’s something you can’t do if you’re living in the city. Sure, you might have more opportunities and everything’s at the tip of your fingers. But the freedom that you have when you’re living out of town is priceless.