12 Best Flowers to Make Your Garden More Colorful

If you want to make your garden more colorful and add more life to it, there are many ways to do so. One of them is to paint more objects, others are to get more interesting toys and decorations in many colors. But the best way to make it more colorful and add more life to your garden is to plant more flowers. And not just any flowers or some generic ones. Plant as many flowers as you can so you can genuinely make your garden unique and add more life to it. Here are some interesting species of colorful flowers that you might consider planting in your garden.

Mexican Sunflower

Mexican sunflowers are very interesting flowers that bloom in the middle of the summer. They are recognizable because of their desert-like red and orange colors. The very name says that they come from Mexico and that they probably don’t need a ton of water. And that is correct because you can damage the flower if you add too much water. It will make the flower weaker than it naturally is. They don’t need a ton of water, so water them only occasionally. Once you spend some time working around them, you’ll start developing that feeling. You’ll start to notice when they need more water. They enjoy direct sunlight so you don’t have to work too much around them. They are very easy to maintain.


Spiderwort can be recognized because of its wide leaves and signature colors. Their colors vary between the shades of purple and blue. Spiderwort starts to bloom in the middle of the summer and it often lasts until the late fall. It all depends on the species, of course. Their specific look can create an illusion that they are trapped in the middle of the grass. When in reality, their wide leaves have that grass kind of look. And it’s also very independent as it can grow by itself without extra help. If you like them and you want to have more of them, you can create a space for spiderwort only. They will spread by themselves and fill up the space, which can be a great thing in certain areas.


Lillies are one of the most common choices of many people when it comes to celebrations. Especially when it comes to weddings. They are also great when it comes to choosing a gift for a specific date. They are also very easy to grow and maintain in your garden as they don’t ask for too much care. There are many different kinds of lilies that you can choose from as they come in many different colors.  The only thing you should pay attention to if you choose to plant them is to keep them away from rabbits. These cute little fellas love them, and they won’t think twice before eating them. So if you have rabbits as pets, be sure to keep them away.


Daffodils are one of the must-haves if you have a garden. They are perfect in the period of early spring as they start to bloom. Once you see your daffodils, you’ll know that the spring has arrived. There are many different colors of daffodils from yellow to white, even pink. There are even mixtures that have two or more colors. But the yellow ones are the most popular. They don’t need any specific kind of care as they are very independent. Especially if you plant them outside. In the period of early spring, the soil usually already has what the daffodil needs. And they enjoy direct sunlight, which makes them even easier to maintain.


Admit it, whenever you hear the word lavender, your mind starts to imagine the beautiful dark violet color. They are famous for their purple color and they are very good as an indoor plant as well. They will keep all the unwanted small insects away from your home. Especially from your clothes which are the most common target. Lavender is very easy to maintain and it usually starts to grow in the middle of the summer. It doesn’t need constant watering which makes it even easier. They enjoy direct sunlight and they prefer it as well. If you have a field that you don’t know what to do with, plant some lavender. You’ll have a wonderful view and a lot of benefits later on.


Hosta is becoming more and more popular over the years. Especially in the circles of landscape architects as it becomes a part of many gardens. They are famous for their variety of colors and shapes as they nicely fill up the space in the garden. Hosta is a great choice if you have a ton of space between the plants that you don’t know how to use. The fact that hosta has many varieties makes it easy for you to choose the one you need based on your garden. You can even find them in other colors, such as blue. Or if green is something that you want to stick with, there are also available in many shades of green. They usually grow in shades, but they won’t get hurt by the sunlight.


If you have space in your garden or your backyard, make sure to plant some lilac trees. You’ll love them when the spring comes around. They are very popular because of the wonderful smell that they produce. They are most popular because of their light violet color but they also come in many other colors. So there are many different ones you can choose from. They will grow into bushes first, and then slowly expand into small trees. If you have space to plant many of them, don’t hesitate. You’ll love them when the spring comes around. The pleasure that you’ll have when they start to bloom is priceless. You’ll be able to feel their smell as soon as you get out of your house.

New England Aster

New England aster has a lot of similar family members in the world of flowers. This is the reason why many people don’t seem to recognize them. And they usually grow in meadows so that people don’t see them in gardens that often. They bloom in the late summer and they have a shiny mixture of purple and pink leaves and a yellow center. They enjoy direct sunlight and they are very easy to maintain. And they need to be planted in areas where they will have enough air circulation. Otherwise, they might get specific diseases that will make the process of growing much harder.


Coneflower is becoming more and more popular. They were usually included in many gardens but were not getting too much attention. At least not from people. Because they naturally attract butterflies and they are famous because of it. If you have a coneflower in your garden, you’ll have a lot of butterflies. This is yet another very good reason to plant them. They usually grow in pink or light purple color, but there are available in other colors as well. They can grow in direct sunlight, but they don’t mind being in shade as well. Water them occasionally, but not too much, unless the temperature is very high. But even if it is, you should wait until the sun goes down.


Now, this may sound strange because they are not flowers. But that doesn’t make them a bad choice for your garden. These small peppers are usually not edible, but they make a nice decoration. They will grow in many different colors. Sometimes, you’ll have many different colors in the same plant, depending on the breed. They are very popular amongst the gardeners and people like having them in their gardens. The seeds are usually available everywhere so it’s not a problem to get to them. They enjoy being in the shade, but they enjoy direct sunlight much more. You can find them in many shades of red, orange, and yellow.


If you want to have more bees and butterflies in your garden, be sure to plant milkweed. They are perfect for insects and they are bee-friendly. They attract all kinds of bees and butterflies. This makes milkweed a great choice because it creates a perfect environment for small animals. Now, this doesn’t mean that all the bad insects will come as well. But you want to have some lavender and mint nearby just in case. You don’t want all the unwanted little guests to come around your house. Having a cat may help to solve that problem as well.


Rosemary is not only important because of wedding rituals. It’s a nice little mood-brightener to have in your garden or your balcony. The very smell of rosemary is so relaxing that people can’t pass by when they recognize it. Everyone loves holding them in their hand and rolling them through their fingers. The smell that remains on your hand is so pleasant that you might not want to wash it up. But if you choose to grow them, you should consider doing it in the flower pot. It’s not a good idea to put them in the ground because they can’t stand cold weather. So it’s much easier to put rosemary in the house when the winter comes.